Bistro 750

We visited the recently remodeled and re-branded Bistro 750 in Chicago’s Boystown to give their brunch a try. We were frequent guests of Taverna 750 before they closed, and we were excited to visit the new venue.

Setting the Scene

We arrived at around 12:30 on a warm spring Sunday and the patio was already busy with early brunchers. We opted to sit inside at the freshly remodeled bar. We saw some familiar faces and immediately felt welcome in the light and friendly atmosphere. The bar area and floor were well-kept and lacked the usual stickiness of most brunch venues.


The bar itself was full of copper accents, highlighted by the bright lights. The art on the walls was perplexing but not unpleasant. Sound levels were comfortable, and we were easily able to chat without shouting or straining.

Amenities and Accessibility

The front entrance and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible, but the walkways between the bar and floor-level seating are tight. This may present some problems for guests using mobility aids. The women’s bathroom is a single-seater, clean, and roomy. The men’s room has a stall and two urinals.

Food and Drink

As of our visit, Bistro 750 has only been open one month, and only offers Sunday brunch. That may change as they test the waters to gauge the needs of the neighborhood. They recently added bottomless mimosa and Bloody Mary packages to their menu. There is a two-hour limit to these delights, so pace your experience accordingly.


We chose the bottomless mimosas (with fresh-squeezed orange juice), which comes with a chef’s choice appetizer. This week was donut balls, drizzled with a lemon-sugar glaze, with a hint of cinnamon and a dusting of powdered sugar. They were crispy, caky, and a little well-done. As an amuse-bouche, it would have been better served with a coffee-flavored glaze, a cup of coffee or demitasse of espresso. It seemed heavy for a first course, and too sweet for Becky’s taste.


Becky ordered the Fettunta (grilled bread with pesto and vegetables), which featured seasonal veggies and a robust pesto. This iteration had fennel, green onion, and spinach, topped with a sunny-side egg. The whites were firm and the yolk was runny, which is Becky’s preference. It was simple, but well-executed and delicious. The portion size may appear small, but it was filling and nothing was left uneaten. The veggies were the star of this dish. Becky is hard to please, but she has no complaints or critiques of this dish.


Jodie ordered the chicken and grits, in all its smoky goodness. The grits were clearly a second fiddle to the robust smokiness of the pulled chicken thighs, not as flavorful, but they didn’t interfere with the star of the dish. The crisp chicharrons were a delightful texture pop. The grits could be more lively, perhaps with a tang of goat cheese to make them less of an afterthought.



The chef, Michael Lanzerotte, sent out a bonus brunch item to us: the biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were standard, but the gravy was clearly made with high-quality sausage, rendering it rich without being overly heavy. The eggs were cooked consistently, with the same crisp edges and runny yolk as the Fettunta. Chef Mike clearly has a passion for quality meats and cooking them to meet their fullest potential, and it shined in this dish.


Mimosa Rating

We give Bistro 750 a solid 8 out of 10 mimosas. It’s clear that they’re finding their groove in the neighborhood, but what we’ve experienced thus far shows immense potential. We will definitely be revisiting to see how they adapt to the full glory of a Chicago summer.

Pro Tips – Optimize Your Experience

  • We recommend reservations for groups over 4 people. Sit at the bar for groups less than 4. The bartenders are informative and attentive and have great cocktail recommendations.
  • Being a Boystown restaurant, peak attendance falls on GBT (Gay Brunch Time). Arrive prior to 1-1:30 pm for optimal service and seating selection, especially during the spring/summer patio season.
  • Take your time in ordering. Enjoy your first bottomless beverage before deciding on an entree.

Have you visited Bistro 750? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on your experience. Brunch is a team sport!

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