PR Italian Bistro

Another absurdly beautiful summer day found us wandering over towards Sheridan, to a place we pass by frequently, but had yet to visit, PR Italian Bistro.

Setting the Scene

It was a warm and quiet Sunday, adjacent to a holiday weekday (4th of July). We assumed a lot of people were out of town because of this fact, so we ventured to PR Italian Bistro, right off the Sheridan Red Line stop. We walked in around 12:30pm to a very calm scene – the patio had one or two tables, the restaurant had one, and the small bar became full as soon as we sat down. We were heartily greeted by our bartender (Justyne, upon further discovery), and handed our big-girl mimosas.


The decor was lovely and spare – a few bottles, pictures and mirrored windows, accented with impressive lighting design and creative installations.

Amenities and Accessibility

There is a ramp to access the restaurant from the inclusive and accessible patio. The patio is also highlighted by shade from trees and a few umbrellas. It seemed dog-friendly as well. The women’s restroom had two stalls, and was clean and well-kept.

Food and Drink

PR’s brunch deal is bottomless mimosas, freshly made with seasonal juices, served with any brunch or lunch item for $12. They have an array of food choices, ranging from regular breakfast fare (steak and eggs, lox board, breakfast sandwich, etc.) to salads, pastas, and pizzas. So much to choose from in so little time. Ah, the agony of indecision! Sadly, Justyne was no help: according to her, everything is delicious.

Becky chose the Pancetta E Uova pizza, a white pizza topped with a fried egg, crispy pancetta, and goat cheese. Becky subbed in caramelized onions for the pancetta, and was not disappointed. While it came out with a red sauce and not white (happiest of mistakes!), it was delicious in every way. The caramelized onions where perfectly tangy and sweet, the goat cheese was creamy and tart, and the egg was crispy and juicy – perfectly cooked. She took one bite and exclaimed, “I can’t wait to come back here.”


Jodie stuck with the basics, thanks to the encouragement of her bar neighbors, and ordered the steak and eggs, medium rare and scrambled respectively. The ribeye was thinly sliced but perfectly cooked to order, a true test of skill and commitment to accuracy. The steak was perfectly seasoned, and needed no additional dressing. The eggs were a standard scramble, accented by Jodie’s addition of Parmesan cheese, and the potatoes were crisp on the outside and delightfully creamy on the inside. The rosemary on the potatoes shone through as the perfect accent to the steak. Jodie was astounded and impressed that the steak came as ordered; it must have been difficult to cook such a thin cut of meat to medium rare. Bravo and brava, kitchen staff!


The mimosas were juicier than we were accustomed to, but! it was a 2-1 champagne to juice ratio, of which we approve.


The gay-adjacent vibe of the place. It’s definitely a neighborhood bar with a healthy mix of folks, but it’s reflective of the actual neighborhood. A very collegial and welcoming atmosphere.

The bartender. Justyne was warm, welcoming, and accommodating. She had perfect recommendations based on our questions. She also had a cadre of amenable regulars who came in to keep her company on a mellow holiday weekend.

Visit the Wrigleyville North bar, just two doors south. A classic Chicago cash-only bar that specializes a in dog and sports-friendly vibe. When you’ve bottomed out on mimosas, ooze next door to keep the party going with a Bobby T cocktail.

Mimosa Rating 

This is a solid and amazing 8.5/10. We have yet to experience brunch perfection, but PR Italian Bistro comes very close. We were impressed, surprised, and delighted with our experience. We can’t wait to revisit their brunch experience and give our readers an update!

Pro Tips – Optimize Your Experience

  • Try a Bloody Mary from their bar. The accouterment that is offered looks amazing (we didn’t actually have it, but oh wow, beet horseradish! It warmed our little Polish hearts with nostalgia and desire).


  • They have a Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 5-6:30pm, that includes drink deals and off-the-menu snacks, ranging from $5-7. We will definitely be back to partake!
  • On game and concert days, show up as early as you can. From what we gathered from Justyne, they are packed on event days. Check your event calendars to make the most of your visit.

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