Bistro 750 – Update!

We recently revisited Bistro 750 for brunch to see how they were getting their bearings on brunch in the neighborhood.

It was a quiet Saturday, we believe many people were out of town for the long holiday weekend, so we had the interior of the bar to ourselves. Our bartender Meghan kept us entertained with an amazing music selection and stellar dance moves.

As a part of the brunch package, we were treated to donut bites, which might sound familiar. We weren’t impressed with the density of the first incarnation, and we’re happy to report that the new donut bites are a vast improvement: lightly crisp exterior, with a tender inside, complimented by the subtle lemon sugar glaze. Even with the glaze, these fried delights weren’t too sweet, just how we like them.


Jodie had the chicken and grits, and was once again blown away by the rich, smoky flavor and stick-to-your-ribs heartiness. She promises to try something different next time, maybe the steak and eggs.


Becky had the Tasso Ham Benedict, sans the ham, substituted with seasonal veggies, and Dijon hollandaise on the side. It was accompanied by smash-fried red potatoes. While she was expecting an English muffin, as in a traditional benedict, she was surprised to find a more biscuit-like piece of toast at the bottom – possibly a homemade focaccia of some sort. This hardly stopped her from devouring the deliciousness of the perfectly poached eggs, sautéed seasonal veggies in a delightful pesto, and melted swiss cheese.

The toast/biscuit was crispy and filling, and held up to all that was atop it. The hollandaise on the side was light and fluffy, with a tiny hint of Dijon. The potatoes were wonderfully unctuous and full of flavor – herbs, parmesan, and butter – and satisfyingly crunchy on the outside, while soft on the inside. All in all, it was a pleasure to eat.

20170701_131911BONUS TREATS

The bartenders and staff. They were exceptionally accommodating and entertaining.

The perfect patio drink. We can’t recall the name, but it consisted of a gin and fruit popsicle, served in a glass of prosecco. As the popsicle slowly melted, it released the fragrant flavors of the gin into the lightly bubbling prosecco. Truly refreshing, but not too sweet. Definitely give this a try while enjoying their beautiful patio.


Mimosa Rating

Given the solid consistency of the food along with some tactful adjustments, Bistro 750 has earned themselves another drink, getting an enthusiastic 9 out of 10. We were truly impressed with the food and staff. We think this little spot is settling into the neighborhood well, providing amazing drink deals and ambitious and well-thought out dishes. Boystown’s brunches are known for their boozy deals, but perhaps not so much for their amazing food. Bistro manages to find the sweet spot with both.

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