Holiday Bonus Round: Brace Your Livers

bf07162d3a3dce3f7dd01cfa65a9cd93The holidays are tough: travel, family, awkward questions and conversations. Let’s face it: you’re gonna need a lot of booze to get through with your sanity.

Because we’re here for you, we’ve prepared a time-burning compilation of our favorite drinks-oriented YouTube shenanigans.

First up! The Queen of Puns and Shenanigans: Mamrie Hart, and her Alcoholidays. Especially this one.

Next, if you feel like a total failure and your life is a dumpster fire, feel better about literally everything by watching Happy Christmas. Because Anna Kendrick.

Watch Die Hard, and drink every time Alan Rickman (RIP) changes his accent, or Bruce Willis says a well-known catch phrase. If you’re REALLY old, drink twice every time you remember that you were alive when the technology in the movie was actually being used. And may god have mercy on your liver and other ailing organs, you sad, sorry bastard.

If you’re trapped somewhere without decent WiFi and are chained to broadcast TV, take comfort in the wealth of holiday drinking games. Be sure to make a mimosa. Proper proportions are paramount.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a return to our regularly scheduled brunch shenanigans. Enjoy your holidays, however you enjoy them!


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