Cellars Bar and Grill (Formerly Broadway Cellars)

With a longtime friend of Jodie's in town for the weekend, we had a tough decision ahead of us on how best to spoil her with Chicago's many tempting culinary delights. We settled on a place we've read about and got multiple recommendations to try - formerly know as Broadway Cellars, the newly minted Cellars … Continue reading Cellars Bar and Grill (Formerly Broadway Cellars)

El Mariachi

Sunday dawned bright and warm: perfect festival weather compared to last week's wilting temperatures.  Chicago Pridefest was slowly waking up from Saturday's hot and rainy festivities. Becky was feeling a little under the weather, and Jodie was fatigued from a long week at the shop, but we rallied our tired old selves out to explore what … Continue reading El Mariachi