Restaurant Salaam: Holibae Brunch Edition

Since Jodie drove to Athens to visit Becky for the holiday, the Sunday after Baesgiving 2017 gave us the opportunity to add to our travel brunch experience by visiting one of the lone brunch spots in Becky's little college town - Restaurant Salaam. Setting the Scene A beautiful, bright, and brisk November day lured us … Continue reading Restaurant Salaam: Holibae Brunch Edition

Cellars Bar and Grill (Formerly Broadway Cellars)

With a longtime friend of Jodie's in town for the weekend, we had a tough decision ahead of us on how best to spoil her with Chicago's many tempting culinary delights. We settled on a place we've read about and got multiple recommendations to try - formerly know as Broadway Cellars, the newly minted Cellars … Continue reading Cellars Bar and Grill (Formerly Broadway Cellars)